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Min Liu is a corporate lawyer, Amazon #1 bestselling author, and the founder of The Art of Verbal War, where people learn to EXCEL in verbal skills. Based in San Francisco, CA, Min's burning ambition is to teach like-minded people how to give their gifts and value to the world by helping them become EXCEPTIONAL in verbal skills, persuasion, influence and power. In the words of his readers, he's the "older brother you've never had", and as a real-life big brother himself, his mission is to show you the ropes in all the things school never taught you.

How To Develop Impactful Metaphors

By Min Liu | Verbal Skills

Everyone knows by now that metaphors and figurative speech are tools to expand your verbal skills, persuasive abilities, influence, and even your charm. In this article and video, you will learn three steps to take a mediocre metaphor and transform it into a great metaphor. The Power of Metaphor For my holidays, I took a short vacation […]

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