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How To Develop Impactful Metaphors

By Min Liu | Verbal Skills

Everyone knows by now that metaphors and figurative speech are tools to expand your verbal skills, persuasive abilities, influence, and even your charm. In this article and video, you will learn three steps to take a mediocre metaphor and transform it into a great metaphor. The Power of Metaphor For my holidays, I took a short vacation […]

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Chael Sonnen Verbal Genius

By Min Liu | Celebrities , Verbal Skills

The world of athletics is not usually known for, whether rightfully or wrongly, people of intellect and verbal skills. From time to time however, athletes such as Muhammed Ali become renowned for their wit and verbal genius and captivate audiences all over the world. Chael Sonnen is this era’s Muhammed Ali when it comes to verbal genius, […]

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