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By Min Liu | Masculinity

In this article, you will learn the TWO most important things that you must do to in order to have high energy, a/k/a the JUICE, to realize your goals in life and most importantly, have a competitive edge over the vast majority of people in this world, the low energy masses.

By the end of this article, you’ll have 150% more energy than before you read these article just by implementing these two simple, yet super important mental shifts into your daily routine.

Before I begin, let’s get this clear.  The two things I am about to teach you are not coffee and Red Bull!

These two mental shifts are so important that as soon as you learn them, it’ll become immediately evident why your energy right now is not as high as it could be.

Warning: These two things will provoke you to say “Duh…” after you learn them, but don’t let their obviousness undermine how important they actually are.

They’re in plain sight, yet they’re also under the radar.

They’re under the radar in the sense that most of us have just never been taught these two, ultra important things about energy.

I know these two simple techniques work because when I went through a really rough patch with low energy last year, I used these two simple techniques to get all my previous juice back…and much more.

They’re now part of my vast arsenal that I have developed to always have high energy.

So, on that note, let’s get right to it.

Secret #1 of High Energy: INTENTION

The first secret to high energy is just one word: INTENTION.

What I mean by “intention” is simply that every day, you need to wake up with the INTENT to live with and have high energy.

What do most people do every morning? 

They have no intention at all. 

They get up, maybe get some coffee, and have no plan for their day. They’re aimless.

No wonder they end up low energy.

And, when they start feeling low energy, which is almost immediately, they just accept it and allow their low energy state to victimize then.

Waking up with no intention to have high energy is like going into a dark room and forgetting to flip the switch.

When you don’t flip the switch, you remain in the dark.

When it comes to having energy, you need to always remember to “flip the switch”!

So, what I mean by intention is, when high energy people get up, they get out of bed and they tell themselves:

I feel fucking energetic!”

“I feel great!”

“I’m going to be unstoppable today!”

High energy people refuse to be victimized by and refuse to accept low energy.

They have the INTENT to have high energy.

High energy truly starts in the mind.

THAT what I mean by INTENTION.

It’s impossible to have high energy if you don’t first DEMAND energy from your internal resources.

And, you do this through your intent.

It’s like a salesperson.  A salesperson doesn’t get paid, a salesperson doesn’t make any money, unless he/she first ASKS the customer to buy.

In the same way, you can’t have high energy unless you first ASK your body and mind to give it to you, right?

Therefore, the first thing you must do every morning is to set an INTENT to have high energy.

You have to BELIEVE that you are high energy.

It sounds so simple, and it is, but I bet that most of you have never DONE this.  And that’s okay, you just never thought about the necessity of doing so.

So from now on, it’s a simple as waking up every day, the first thing you do when you get out of bed, you tell yourself something like this:  “I feel so energetic today. I’m going to be full of energy today!

Intention is SO important, because it is ASKING your body and mind for its energetic resources.

Now, let me tell you one other reason why INTENTION is even more important.

The main reason is that by telling yourself how high energy you are, you are making a commitment to yourself to start making the RIGHT decisions for yourself with respect to your habits, actions, and behaviors that support your HIGH ENERGY, as opposed to undermining your energy.

By declaring your intention to have high energy, you will much more naturally AVOID things that DETRACT from your energy, like drinking too much alcohol or smoking weed. Those are things that are guaranteed to sap your energy.

You will start thinking about everything you do (or don’t do) from the perspective of whether it SUPPORTS or UNDERMINES your energy.

Your energy becomes the central focus of your consciousness.

So, maybe next time you pick up a donut from the kitchen at work, you might think to yourself “Maybe it’s not a good idea for me to eat this” and actually put that donut down.

Or, next time you are tempted to stay out until 3:00 am, you might think to yourself “Maybe I should just go home and get a good night’s sleep”, and you actually do that.

Do you see how powerful and important this is?!

Okay, now let’s talk about the second secret to high energy I promised you.  

Secret #2 of High Energy: NEGATIVE INTENTION

The second secret of high energy is also related to intention.

Just as it is vitally important to set yourself a POSITIVE INTENTION every morning when you get up, the flipside of this is also just as important.

On the flipside of positive intent, it is just as important to NEVER, EVER set for yourself a NEGATIVE INTENTION.

What I mean by this is, how often do you tell yourself or others, the following statements?

“I’m so tired today.”

“I’m exhausted.”

“I have no energy today.”

“I feel like shit.”

“I feel terrible.”

There’s a million other ways you can say this which mean the same thing.

I bet you do this more than you thought. Me included.

Just like starting your day with the positive intent to have high energy will facilitate high energy, telling yourself the above negative things will set your day off with negative intent, resulting in low energy.

Going back to my example of going into a dark room and forgetting to flip the light switch:

Setting a negative intention is like not only going into that dark room and forgetting to to flip the switch, but also putting on sunglasses, a blindfold, and then just for fun, putting some marbles on the ground!

How’s that gonna work out for ya?!

If you do this, and that includes pretty much everyone on Earth (including myself), that’s the main reason you have low energy.

For whatever reason, people are so programmed to engage in this negative self-talk about themselves and their energy.

It’s become way to easy to fall into this automatic habit.

But, high energy people NEVER, EVER do this.

If you want to be high energy, you also must never do this.

So from now on, you must be aware of and cut out this terrible, ugly, automatic habit.

That’s what I mean by “negative intent”.

So from today forward, promise me and promise yourself you will never engage in such negative, self-defeating self-talk again.

Conclusion: How To Have High Energy

So, let’s recap how you become 150% more energetic with just two simple mental shifts:

#1 – Always start your day with POSITIVE intent to have high energy.  You do this by telling yourself “I feel fucking energetic today!

#2 – Never, ever from now on, declare NEGATIVE intent or engage in NEGATIVE SELF-TALK that undermines your energy. You will never say “I’m so tired. I have no energy.” or any variation on this phrase again.

These are the TWO most important things you must do to have high energy. Implement them today and start feeling the juice!


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