Why do you equate verbal skills with "verbal war"? Verbal skills aren't that serious or important are they?

Yes, verbal skills are not serious or important if you don't care about being able to persuade or influence others, attract other people to yourself or your point of view, connect with others in a way that most people cannot, or skillfully defend yourself from verbal attacks and insults. They're not important if you don't care about excelling in business, work, or in your social life.

BUT, if you DO care about excelling in these arenas of life, then its important to think of verbal skills as having stakes this high. It's called "verbal war" because the stakes are indeed that high. It's important to treat each opportunity where you may be called upon to exercise your verbal skills as if you are going to battle. Relying on your unconscious or rote thought patterns in communicating with other people, which is what most people do, will get you nowhere in life.

In a world where most people have mediocre verbal and social skills, EXCEPTIONAL verbal and social skills are what gives you the edge in every arena of life.  These "softer" skills are often the difference between success and failure in any endeavor in life.  At the very least, they HELP YOU STAND OUT.

What kind of verbal skills do you teach?

Anything and everything that will make you a badass.  In particular, we will focus on persuasion, power and influence, storytelling, conversation/small talk, charisma, charm, debating and argument skills, verbal self defense, among other subjects.

We will also focus on nonverbal communications such as eye contact, body language, voice tonality, and more as they relate to enhancing your verbal skills.  Without outstanding nonverbal communications, good verbal skills cannot be GREAT.

Is it just going to be you talking?

Thankfully no!

On my YouTube channel, you'll get a fair share of talking head videos, but we also plan to bring you videos about celebrities, political figures, and other famous people who ooze charm, display uncommon charisma, and excel in verbal skills to help you gain valuable "environmental exposure".

Why should I listen to you?

You don't have to listen to me, but check out these reviews from readers of my books:

"This was a great read. The middle chapter is what deals with the main content and it delivers well I felt. I'm also shelving this book under a "long-term-reference" tag. I would like to refer to the points mentioned in this book again and again later." -Mugen, reader of Verbal Self Defense 101

"A nice little read , you think you know it all and all the power plays but this book gave a number of ways to deal with each power play . I would like to think that I could spot a power play and reading this book it has educated me on how to respond and manage a power play." -Emma B, reader of People Games

Check out my About page to learn more about me and also my Youtube channel.  If it's not for you, no sweat.  This is not for everyone.

But, if what I'm talking about resonates with you, please start with my FREE ebook and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel.  You can also read articles by me on my blog.

Don't think of me as an expert, but more as your guide on your journey towards excelling in verbal skills. Think of me as your verbal "arms dealer" of sorts, giving you strategies and ideas as your ammunition as you learn to excel in the "art of verbal war".​