How To Enhance Your Communication Style

By Min Liu | Non-Verbal Communication

Every single person has a “communication style” which is made up of varying amounts of EIGHT specific elements, such as friendliness, dominance, and openness.  Do you know what your communication style is?

For example, some people’s communication style may be more friendly and some people less so.

Or, some people may be an “open book” and others more closed off and private.


The sum total of these eight elements make up your “communication style”:

1. At 0:45 of the video, you will learn HOW to determine what YOUR “communication style” is.  For example, I tend towards the “closed” off end of the OPENNESS spectrum, but in terms of FRIENDLINESS, I tend towards the friendly side.  What’s yours?!

2. At 2:00 of this video, you will learn what FOUR elements of your style have been found by researchers to be MOST IDEAL if you want to be perceived by other people to be a great communicator; and

3. At 2:26 of this video, you will learn HOW to enhance those four elements so that YOU can be perceived by others to be a great communicator.


According to researchers, your communication style influences other people’s perception of you even more so than the words you speak, that is if you want to be perceived as having great communication skills.  Who doesn’t want that?!

Fancy words probably mean you did well on the SAT, but they don’t matter much when it comes to whether other people perceive you as a strong communicator or not.

The ability to make complex arguments might have impressed Johnny Cochran, but they don’t matter that much either.

A quick wit is cool, but it also isn’t that important.

What matters most is your “communication style”.


For example, researchers have found that a high level of EXPRESSIVENESS is one of the four elements that make people view you as a great communicator.

In order to be more “expressive”, here are some tips:

-Start using more exaggeration when you speak;

-Make use of storytelling;

-Use different rhythms, voices, and tones; and

-And finally…use more metaphors or figurative language when you speak.

Watch the video to learn what the other three crucial elements are!

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