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The world of athletics is not usually known for, whether rightfully or wrongly, people of intellect and verbal skills. From time to time however, athletes such as Muhammed Ali become renowned for their wit and verbal genius and captivate audiences all over the world. Chael Sonnen is this era’s Muhammed Ali when it comes to verbal genius, and here’s why and how.

No matter the opponent, Chael Sonnen can (and will) out-talk and out-wit his opponent with his tongue. He may not win all the fist fights, but when it comes to the battle of words that inevitably occurs, Chael Sonnen is the undefeated champ of verbal skills among MMA fighters and probably athletes in general.


In this article, you will learn two techniques to allow you to become more verbally dominant like Mr. Chael Sonnen.

So, let’s get to it:

Technique #1: The Master/Servant Frame

In a prior article, I talked about “frames” and “frame control”, and the important of these concepts in becoming verbally dominant. Check out the linked article to review what these concepts are.

Chael Sonnen loves to use what I call the “master/servant frame” in putting his opponent in their rightful place.

At 1:02 and 1:17 of this video, you will examples of how Chael Sonnen makes use of this frame to put Vitor Belfort and Brock Lesnar, respectively, in their rightful place.


When you have the appropriate “frame” in mind, the right words will just flow naturally from the frame.

In Chael Sonnen’s case, when talking about his opponent in an upcoming fight, the “master/servant” frame works to his advantage.

Now, keep in mind you should not be using this frame for all your interactions with people, lest you want to damage your relationship. This frame is used when dealing with people who are rightfully your opponent, and then, only in a verbal confrontation.

Technique #2: Indirectness

The other technique that Chael Sonnen uses often to great effect is the verbal skill of “indirectness”.

Indirectness means never saying what you want to say in a direct, obvious way. Instead, indirectness means saying something mundane in a way that is not obvious or customary.

If you use curse, swear words, or cliche statements, nobody will think of you as a verbal god.

Nobody will be impressed.

Nobody will take notice.

But if you say something that pleases the ear, like Chael Sonnen always does, people will come to see you as a verbal genius.

So, you will see examples of Chael Sonne’s use of “indirectness” at 2:48, 2:55, and 3:0o of the video.

For example, instead of saying he’s going to “kill his opponent”, which we’ve all heard a million times, Sonnen says “You’re gonna be shakin’ hands with Jesus or the man further South.”

This is an example of saying something in an INDIRECT, and therefore, creative way.


This article touched on the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to the verbal techniques one can use to become more verbally dominant.

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I am looking forward to purchasing the mini courses when they are available.

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