How to Have Charisma: The Science Behind Charisma

By Min Liu | Non-Verbal Communication

To most people, charisma is a vague, ambiguous, and pie-in-the-sky concept. To them, charisma is something that you are merely born with, and you either have it or you don’t. There is no way someone can tell you how to have charisma. Or, is there?!

Yes, some people may be born with certain characteristics that come off as charismatic to others, but scientists have been able to extract many different verbal and non-verbal factors that influence charisma which ANYBODY can immediately implement into their repertoire in order to maximize their own natural charisma. I call this field of study “charisma science”.

But before we delve too far into “charisma science”, we better start with some definitions:

What, exactly, is “charisma”?

Generally, scientists define charismatic people as having the following traits: convincing, reasonable, right, logical, believable, intelligent, whose opinion is respected, whose background is admired, and in whom other people have confidence.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to almost automatically make others believe these traits about you, even when they don’t know you ?  Well, you can, if you make some specific verbal and non-verbal tweaks to how you present yourself.

Five Easy Ways To Maximize Your Charisma

So, in the video above in this post, you will learn FIVE ways to boost your natural charisma that are proven by legitimate scientists, such as:

1. At 1:33 in the video, you will learn which part of your VOCAL PITCH RANGE you should speak in primarily to maximize your charisma.

2. And at 2:32 in the video, you will find out that using a higher ratio of CERTAIN TYPES OF WORDS (as compared to other types of words) when you speak will also make you appear more charismatic.

All brought to you by hardworking and underpaid scientists! “Charisma science” is sure intriguing and exciting stuff, isn’t it?!

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