Powerful Language: The Language of High Status People

By Min Liu | Verbal Skills

Have you ever wondered why certain “special” people come off so persuasive and influential, i.e. “high status”? Is it because of their appearance, are they just born with it, or is it because of other factors?

And, have you ever wondered why other people come off just the opposite?  One brief listen, and you just want to tune out immediately.

Yes, we all know both kinds of people, but the former is an extremely rare (and impressive) breed, and the latter is as common as fireworks on the 4th of July.

As a corporate lawyer, I am in charge of hiring outside lawyers to help my company with various legal matters and disputes.  To tell you the truth, most lawyers I meet from large law firms are quite competent and so I can’t tell the difference between any of them.

But every once in a while, I meet a lawyer that has some special quality, whose presentation and overall demeanor makes him/her rise above the very competent fray.  You probably want to know who these lawyers are, don’t you?  Nope, its not Harvey Specter!


The names of elite lawyers are always a closely guarded secret, as closely guarded as the name of a responsible babysitter, the CIA informant list, or the formula to Coca Cola. So sorry, I’m gonna keep these secrets to my grave.

But, I will tell you some other secrets today.  And, those secrets are WHY certain PEOPLE (including these elite outside counsel of mine) rise above the fray when they speak and present themselves.

Yes, some non-verbal communication secrets can be found in my book Vocal Superstar: How to Develop a High Status Voice, but today we are going to talk about more of the “verbal” aspects of how one can become “high status”, and therefore, more persuasive, influential, powerful, and charismatic than the average Joe.

High Status Verbal Skills

Believe it or not, people are NOT born with high status verbal skills.  And, having high status verbal skills are not as a result of having any special qualities.  On the contrary, having high status verbal skills is the result of NOT HAVING certain “low status” verbal traits.  There are SIX specific “low status” verbal behaviors that one must eliminate in order to become “high status”.

Eliminating Low Status Behaviors

For example, at 2:50 in the above video, you will learn that the use of overly formal language is ONE low status verbal/language behavior that must be eliminated.  The reason being that people who are powerful and enjoy high status are not overly concerned with formality.  When you are powerful, it is others who are concerned about being formal with you.  Make sense?!

Learn all SIX “low status” behaviors that keep you from appearing “high status” to others in this video!








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Min Liu is a corporate lawyer, Amazon #1 bestselling author, the founder of The Art of Verbal War, where people learn to EXCEL in verbal skills, and in the words of his readers, he's the "big brother you never had".

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